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It's About Time!!!

2008-12-22 01:17:06 by TheHFCB

Hi nobody! I'm only one member of the HFCB, a fake band in which I'm the only member. I'm also the lead guitarist in a REAL BAND!!OMG!!!! called The 13th Minority. We're an alternative rock band (sort of), in which only a very little bit has been accomplished in 2 months time, except that we kicked out our drummer. So, now our line-up is as follows:
Me- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Johnathan Thomas- Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Eric Adams- Keyboards/Bass/Vocals
Scott Morse- Drums (fired)
Brian Hamrick (My dad)- Drums (stand-in)

As of this writing I am preparing to submit a few more instrumental demos and a jam (with my dad on drums) for this band. Most of these are simply that, demos. We'll tweak, add, critique and whatnot as we go. Others are rather similar to the final product.

Before I leave whoever the hell is reading this, I would to say a few things about why our drummer was fired. He only showed up to one practice, and blew the rest off so he could party, sleep, and laze about. He would always swear that he would make it, and then never even call to tell us he couldn't. I was sick of resetting our music room every week, so I decided "Fuck him! We can find a new drummer!" and that was that. I sorta feel a little weird about it, because he was one of the founding members and I'm the 'new guy'. I'm the one with the most musical experience, so Eric and John generally support my decisions. I feel I was in the right, how about all of you nobody? If you want to compare Scott's and my dad's drumming listen to Cosmic Infinity (Demo) for Scott, and the later posted Cosmic Jam (If the title isn't taken) for my dad. See you nobody!


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2008-12-22 03:51:50

I support your decision.