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I'm On My Own Now

2009-01-27 15:06:32 by TheHFCB

I've decided to quit the 13th minority. Me and John are still going to be hanging out and making some music, but the other guys aren't involved in that. Expect little to no change in the music that is to come, as I wrote the one song we did- Eric and Scott contributed a verse each, and I will continue to credit them with that. I may submit a few MIDI songs here and there as well. Also, please review even if you don't vote on my submissions. And try to make it constructive, by maybe telling me how to improve on anything, my playing style, my vocals (I try people, not everyone can be Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant), tips on recording, etc. One last thing, I do not have a professional quality studio at my disposal, all I have is a free program called Audacity, a really crappy tape recorder mic, a few guitars, three years experience making music, and very little knowledge of the technological side of music- I know some scales and some chords, but if you ask me what pickups I use on my electrics, I have no idea.

Sorry, for the long wall of text, but I had alot to say. Thank you, and PLEASE REVIEW, NOT JUST VOTE 0'S!!!


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2009-02-02 23:47:10

I am sorry for the news of a band break up
I wish you could find a real band to stick with
Wish i could help in some sort of way